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Seeds of Secession and Other Matters


As (Thank God!) we inch another day closer to the end of 2021, we also move closer and closer to 2033, the year some predict for the breakup. 

A recent story in the Los Angeles Times relays one of many possible starting points of the inevitable Balkanization. North of Sacramento, Oroville, and Butte County, California still, for now, look like America. However, like almost the entire civilized world, they’ve been under the idiotic pressures of the Great Hoax. At least the city council decided to do something.

They voted to declare the town a “Constitutional Republic” in response to Gavin Newsom’s Draconian mandates. This gesture is about as Boomer civic-nationalist as it sounds, but I suppose it’s better than nothing. In the greater scheme, it amounts to one more little crack in a dead, decaying empire.

Again, all of this mania for nearly the last two years is over a biological war and hoax. People still believe in it – some of them religiously – even as it has completely fallen apart. In response to a hyped-up cold season, the satanic war criminals push a deadly poison. People keep falling for the lies. And it is all a lie. The “vaccines” do not work. Dr. Kobi Haviv of Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem recently said that 85-90% of his facility’s COVID patients are fully vaccinated. Further, he claimed that 95% of the critical patients were likewise fully vaccinated. While this is the opposite of the media’s narrative, it is the exact scenario seen everywhere records are kept. H. O. A. X.

I’m tired of it.

Tired of all the hoaxes of post-modernity. 

The other day, I made the mistake of leaving the cave. While out and about, I was approached by a very nice woman who asked me to witness and attest to her new mortgage. I politely declined. I’m sure she really needed the bank’s assistance with her home purchase. I’m also sure she found someone else willing to overlook the evil of the matter. There’s nothing I can do to stop things like usury. I do not, however, have to participate in them. 

At that moment, I did not explain myself, seeing little point. On these digital pages, I have clarified things – over and over and over. 

It’s not just the hoaxes. Day by day, I grow more disenchanted with the entirety of post-modernity. It’s more misos than phobos

Regular rebel-rousing columns will continue soon. Or reruns. Or, maybe, some fiction. That’s probably what we need here! 

Happy December and such.