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Kyle did nothing wrong. The luciferians can whine all they like, but the gun charge had to be dismissed.

But Rittenhouse’s attorneys seized on a subsection of the Wisconsin law that states the ban on minors possessing dangerous weapons applies to minors armed with rifles or shotguns only if those weapons are short-barreled. The language stems from a bill that then-Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson signed in 1991. Lawmakers across the country were trying to find ways to curb gang violence around that time. Kenosha defense attorney Michael Cicchini said the law was likely intended to prevent youths from carrying sawed-off shotguns.

Rittenhouse’s AR-15-style rifle was not short-barreled.

From now on, can we look forward to subsections being signs of “White Supremacy?”

Now, the jury needs to do its job and acquit America’s Hero.