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At augmenting a trivial cold virus, that is. The fake president had better mandate never-ending “boosters” before something really bad happens.

Why it matters: America’s booster campaign got off to an underwhelming start, potentially leaving millions of vulnerable people at risk as the holidays approach.

People at risk. Like these poor elderly people in Connecticut?

The nursing and rehab center houses only 70 residents and all eight people who died has serious underlying health issues.

Of the 89 total infections, 87 people were fully vaccinated, the nursing home said.

“While we must continue with Covid-19 prevention protocols, we want to assure everyone we are doing our best to keep residents and staff safe,” officials said.

What?! Older folks with underlying conditions dying?!?! I’ve never! You? And what a success rate! 87 of 89 is 97.7% effective at spreading the hoax while simultaneously enriching war criminal corporate scum.

Throw this CT story in the face of every fool who still dares bother you about this utterly pathetic chapter in human history. Tell them they’re supporting genocide and need to be punished accordingly.