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No Gifts Or Talents


It’s another education column! This one deals with demographics, evil, and the terminal decline of Ciudad Nueva Yorko (formerly “New York City”). And, due to scheduling, I happened to draft it out on Columbus Day 2021. And, due to the collapse of the American Nation and the righteous judgment of Almighty God, on that day, I learned that US Rep. Nydia Velázquez (D-NY) babbled via the Twitz: “Today should just be #IndigenousPeopleDay. And yet this day is still shared with a genocidal maniac.” Your author, for one, salutes this paperwork Amerikan for again proving herself to be a double curse. Really, thanks.

Interestingly enough, with this being an ed column about an attack by the system against the people, we also have, around the same time, yet another Not-American, fake AG Merrick Garland, directing his stolen Department of Justice [SIC] to attack American parents for daring to notice the attacks on them by the satanic system(s). Cozy, no? By directing the DOJ’s National Security Division (another lasting Greek gift of the PATRIOT Act) to persecute the people, he’s admitting something – these foul beings know their work is evil and they fear the people almost as much as they hate them. So, embrace your domestic terrorist designation and read on!

Back in April, I wrote about the tribulations of “Gifted and Talented” education in the fading US:

The sane alternative is relatively simple. Don’t expect smart children to succeed and do not “help” them. Rather, let them succeed. Give them the necessary tools and encouragement and then let them build. What is rightly seen as vulnerability, if properly channeled, can become great strength, beneficial both to the children and to the greater society. A system designed by and for 90 IQ simpletons cannot and will not help. This is up to us. They are our children, after all. Make them invulnerable.

Before I get to Bill de Blasio and his gang of 90 IQ simpletons not taking my advice, I’d like to post the Word of the Day! It’s “deracination.” In Nuevo Yorko, I think that translates to “desarraigo,” or possibly “اجتثاث.” Or, maybe it’s “滅絕.” Come to think of it, it could be a grunting click sound made while pointing. Anyway, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts explains what it means for English-speaking Heritage Americans. It’s real and it ain’t good. In the Big Rotten Apple, it’s a done deal.

New York City has, for a very short while longer, a G&T program in its over-funded, underperforming government schools. I suspect though I’m not entirely certain, that it is as dysfunctional as the extreme majority of such schemes. Regardless, like civilization in that area between Mexico and Canada, it’s about to become a thing of the past. The City has decided that it’s “racist” and must go

No, they haven’t declared learning itself to be “racist.” Well, maybe they have. In this case, the luciferians are concerned about the inevitable disparity of abilities and outcomes demonstrated by this last vestige of intelligence in the Five Boroughs. 

Until around one hundred years ago, the City was virtually 100% White. Then, pursuant to a plan, the diversity warfare began. As the schools demonstrate, a people can have excellence, or they can have diversity. They necessarily must pick one, not both. Today, the City schools hold over 1 million children in captivity. In a place where Whites still account for about 30% of the overall population, White children only comprise 14.8% of the studentry. Asian children (of all ethnicities and nationalities) account for 16.5%. Yes, Whites are, in a formerly all-White City, the smallest plurality group, not accounting for “mixed” children (who should also numerically displace Whites soon). It’s hard to tell definitively, but together, Whites and East Asians are likely less than a quarter of the total school population. Yet, together they account for three-quarters of the G&T participants. 

Again, you get to pick one.

*Notes: There are almost as many ESOL children (13.3%) as there are Whites. There are more students (20.8%) with disabilities (and this is per strict DOE definition; it’s most likely that potentially “special ed” entitled students are the majority). Also, in this financial capital of the world, 73% of the students are “economically disadvantaged.”

New York picked sacred diversity. Thus, G&T and any form of academic excellence are incompatible with the choice. 

Children tested into the doomed program and were admitted, not based on systemic racism or any other hobgoblin, but based on demonstrated ability. The fact that one-quarter of the entrants were Black and Hispanic speaks very well of those populations. But, in totality, I suppose the overall pattern did not speak in a way to satisfy those who are actively destroying our society. No gifts or talents will be tolerated. Genetic ability = White supremacy. Etc.

By their psychotic decision, these debased morons have violated Dr. John Carroll’s five factors of learning.

… Carroll (1962, 1963) identified five factors which play a part in learning tasks: 1) aptitude, the amount of time needed by a student to master a set of material under optimal conditions of instruction and understanding; 2) ability to understand instruction; 3) perseverance, the amount of time the student is willing to engage actively in learning; 4) opportunity, time allowed for learning; and 5) quality of instruction. …

-A Model of School Learning, J.B. Carroll, Teachers College Record, 1963 (-64), at 723-733, as summarized in The Effects of Various Degrees of Knowledge of Instructional Objectives and Two Levels of Feedback from Formative Evaluation of Student Achievement, H.T. Lovett, University of Georgia, 1971,  at 14. 

Whether they defined G&T as above-average intelligence, very high intelligence, ultra-high intelligence, or in some other way, the defining was an admission of the first (and most important) factor, ability. Deracination, malicious and intentional, has seen that prong generally eliminated from the available population-based data. As a replacement for what might have been a worthy endeavor, de Blasio and his fools promise to beef up the fifth and least important factor, quality of instruction – as vaguely applied to all students in all (dumbed-down) schools. Right off the bat, he and they will provide more training for teachers regarding STEM, robots, and other ridiculous make-work nonsense. This will, of course, mean more money spent and more useless credentials conferred. Little to none of it will have any positive impact in the classrooms or in terms of students learning anything. 

Given the radical shift away from the demographic base that made the city possible in the first place, all of this may be just as well. One wonders how long the toilets will continue to flush.

Rep. Velázquez, who might have once been described by someone at Saint Clare’s Hospital, Manhattan, as a “suicidal maniac,” may have a point about the Posterity of men like Columbus, especially those descended from the nation’s founding stock. There is still a kind of genocidal mania running through them. However, as I’ve previously written, and as the story of NYC the past seventy years makes clear, it is an auto-genocide. Give it another decade or two, and there might literally be no one left to object to renaming Columbus Day anything the interlopers demand.

If you were wondering, then know that this trend is national. It’s far worse, for now, in giant cities, which is why it makes sense to abandon them whenever possible. It makes even more sense, knowing that even private schools are embracing the decline, to educate children at home, in small community settings, or in any other independent manner. 

As I wrote six months ago, they are – assuming we still have them – our children. We can and should make them as invulnerable as possible to the ills of the fallen world. We should at least make them as anti-fragile as possible. This, initially, involves education. That involves dispensing with the failed schools. Even at this hour, there are still gifts and talents. It is a retarded evil to squander them.