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Fake bad weather or not, Southwest Airlines (the good, sane employees) makes a greater impact than the entire GOP in defense of those little things called freedom and civilization.

Except, a funny thing is happening. The people, those Neanderthals clinging to their Bibles and guns, who are supposed to do what they are told, pay taxes and fight the corporate wars are pushing back. Deserted by their elected representatives, who answer to their corporate masters, average Americans are refusing to comply.

Take a look at Southwest Airlines, and you will see exactly what this new civil disobedience looks like. You may also see the future.

The White House has pressed the airlines to adopt vaccine mandates using the leverage of federal contracts. United knuckled under first and announced a vaccine requirement. Southwest recently announced its employees had until December 8, 2021, to get vaccinated or lose their jobs.

The pilot’s union for Southwest Airlines responded to the mandate by filing suit and trying to block the action, but the pilots themselves are not waiting for court action to make clear where they stand. They have started using vacation and sick days and refusing to show up for work. Other employees have followed suit.

They’re forcing thousands of delays and cancellations. As inconvenient as those are, they sure beat having the crew “suddenly die” in mid-flight. It’s great that all the old Boomer hippie libtards are supporting this very peaceful protest! Heck, this is like Woodstock times the Beatles raised to the power of protesting Vietnam. They are supportive, right? Either way, it appears many of the normies are awake, angry, and taking action!