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Literally no one believes the bullshit about an “idea nation” anymore. PCR connects the dots:

The homogeneity of America was intentionally destroyed in the name of “diversity” and “multiculturalism.” Ethnic diversity can only succeed if the immigrants are assimilated to the existing language and culture. In America this happened for awhile, but it was abandoned.

Multiculturalism is identical to a Tower of Babel. There is no unity and no basis for unity.

Secession is back in mode. This time it could succeed as the elite controlling Washington have destroyed all trust in Washington.

If freedom survives in the territorial entity called the United States, it will only be because of secession. Washington is not only the enemy of all Americans. Washington is the enemy of the entire world.

Not even the Chairman of the US joint Chiefs of Staff will fight for Washington. The traitor promised his Chinese counterpart advance warning of a US attack on China[.]

When the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is not loyal to Washington, who is?

“Moloch” would be the only answer, except he’s never loyal to anyone.