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Nationalism continues to rise as Poland’s high court states the natural and the obvious.

In a stinging rebuke to Europe’s unelected bureaucrats, and a major escalation in the rule of law crisis between Warsaw and Brussels, Poland’s constitutional court ruled on Thursday that Polish law can take precedence over EU law amid an ongoing dispute between the European bloc and the eastern European member state. The decision by the Constitutional Tribunal came after Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki requested a review of a decision by the EU’s Court of Justice (ECJ) that gave the bloc’s law primacy. Two out of 14 judges on the panel dissented from the majority opinion.

“The attempt by the European Court of Justice to involve itself with Polish legal mechanisms violates … the rules that give priority to the constitution and rules that respect sovereignty amid the process of European integration,” the ruling said, in an outcome that could have wide-reaching consequences for Europe when the next crisis hits.


Imagine if the USSA’s nine brainless, spineless corpses cared about Americans in an even slightly similar fashion. The takeaway here would be that perhaps the time has come (again) for the several sovereign states to begin rejecting Washington’s madness the way Warsaw has successfully bucked the EU. Or not.

Congratulations, Poles. You will keep your nation.