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One more thing for a Saturday: I, unfortunately, have again had to suffer listening to someone else’s FAUX News lately. ALL of their idiot hosts and guests keep babbling away, from the same script as it were, about all the USSA military equipment left behind in Afghanistan.

First, they keep saying how awful it is the Taliban has the stuff. I fail to see how it’s bad to compensate people for 20 years of illegal occupation and murder. But, second, these fools keep saying that the Taliban will give all of our tacticool, first-rate gear, and machinery to China, Russia, and Iran – our enemies as they call these countries. All bullshit. None of the nations they attack are America’s enemies. The enemies of Amerika’s ruling foreign satanic elite? Yes, but not ours. And, while Afghans might benefit from night vision, Blackhawks, and C-130s, China and Russia would not accept any of it if they were paid to. They have their own real high-tech goods far superior to something like the 65-year-old Hercules.

I’m also reliably informed that the weapons were left behind intentionally if for no other reason than to foment trouble in the area after the empire fled away. DC is ever so thoughtful.

I also noticed, this afternoon, that traffic was off a little. Then I remembered this is the first BIG FOOTBALL weekend of the year. So, for any cucks reading this, I want to help you have a gay old time. Here’s the NCAA’s policy and commitment, their rainbowed “core values,” to oppose Christianity, the West, history, science, civility, and common sense.

Oh, for the manly absentees among you, happy dove hunting!