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I guess the DailyMail staff never heard of the Morgenthau Plan. Yet, I’m still amazed they reported this story (or were allowed to).

They planned to kill six million Germans – one for every Jewish life lost in the Holocaust – by poisoning the country’s water supply. Now a film is set to show how the renegade revenge squad came chillingly close to succeeding, writes MARGARETTE DRISCOLL.

I suppose they also don’t know about a certain prophecy, at least nineteen-hundred years old.

And, by poisoning the well! (Was it laughable stereotype day in the UK?) The good news is that some of the original conspirators now regret the conspiracy, though they too may not be aware of Morganthau’s little program. All’s well, though, at least in England. Right? If the Allies had lost, Londonistan might be overrun with foreigners!