Following an embarrassingly long delay, I finally joined Unauthorized.TV. That’s Vox Day’s sane, right-wing alternative to YouTube. I regret not joining sooner. In a world, it’s “great.” So far, I’ve only listened to a number of Vox’s Darkstreams, but there are many other channels with hundreds or thousands of other video presentations. The topics range from politics and culture to prepping to comedy to literature to history and more.

The tech works flawlessly too. I rarely watch a video, per se, preferring to listen while exercising or driving. Everything carries over well with my less than the state-of-the-art phone; they even have an MP3 mode.

Membership comes with a complimentary invitation to join Social Galactic, a Twitter-Farceberg alternative for real people. I checked in on SG once – it looks nice though I may still be slow to use that feature. (That’s where the comments section for Vox’s blog posts went).

Best of all, the entire system is free of cancellations, SJWs, idiots, and filth. That’s possible via relentless policing and the fact that this is a PAID site(s). Remember, with the “cult of free,” one really gets what one isn’t paying for. Besides, the rates are extremely reasonable, especially considering the quality and content.

Check it out.

PS: Also remember FPC, which may (soon???) go paid at least as to new members (nothing in stone yet, though it would be in our interests to make that move).