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Just mulling some platform planks for something.

  • Under my debt elimination and economic stabilization plan, only living, breathing, non-institutional persons shall own residential real property (meaning, only human beings shall own houses, condos, etc. [through trusts or LLCs under certain circumstances]). I’ll have similar rules to ferret the corps and creeps out of ag land too.
  • When debts are voided, specifically concerning residential property, full ownership shall remain with the occupant so long as the occupant is a person. Under no circumstances shall any residence be owned by anything publically traded or ending in “, Inc.”
  • ALL debts will be voided. All non-Gold/Silver/other hard substance-backed currency shall be voided, eliminated, and criminalized.
  • Do not worry about the banks, funds, REITs, and other vampires losing their wealth. That will be the least of their losses.
  • Dealing in any fiat as currency shall be a capital felony.
  • Dealing in any form of usury shall be a capital felony. Thank you, friends of Nuremberg, for the retroactive thing.

Additional refinements later.