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White Genocide in America?


In the mid-Nineteenth Century, the Xhosa Tribe of Africa attempted mass suicide, or auto-genocide, because a teenaged girl had a dream about a cow. Keep that stunning historical tidbit in mind.

I’ve been looking forward to writing this column, about two closely related topics, for over a year now. Or, rather, I’ve been dreading it. Last summer, I came up with a rambling comparison of the dying United States with South Africa. I let it fizzle, which is just as well. White Europeans in both countries are in a similar situation, however, it’s not the similitude I wanted or expected.

Many good people sometimes refer to the plight of Whites in SA as “White genocide.” I’ll just leave the subject as a plausible grey area issue. I will note there are fewer Whites there now than there were in 1994. But, if a huge number of Whites had not expatriated to somewhere else, then the total number would be higher. The subject population would still be a shrinking minority of the national whole, but the percentage would be derived from a higher absolute number. That is not the case in the fading US.

Last year, the Brookings Institute noticed something unusual in the Census estimate numbers. For the first time ever, it appeared that the total number of Whites in the US – the total number, not the percentage of the whole population – had fallen. From 2009 through 2019 we lost an estimated 16,612 Whites. Alarmed, I wrote something about it at the time, and I conceived of this column. Whereas I was alarmed, others, let’s just say, are a little more than happy. This link is to a mild reaction; others have been downright celebratory. For my part, like Brookings, I’ve been waiting on confirmatory information from the official 2020 Census. At this point, I’m not sure that information is coming.

Full reporting from 2020 by the Bureau is tardier than I can ever remember. They, of course, cry “COVID!” That might be a valid concern as the hoax has disrupted just about everything in the past eighteen months. However, this Census is of a different variety than its predecessors. Take the constantly evolving statistical sampling from the yearly estimates, add a pinch of techno-wizardry, divide by a little Corona-masked incompetence, and you have a recipe for … delays. April became August, which is now looking like September, and so forth. This may be the 2020 Presidential Election of headcounts. And it might be that sufficient diversity has been achieved such that the diversity can no longer account for itself. They will certainly put forth a set of numbers. Will it be an accurate set? When or if that question is answered, I may come back with an update. Here and now, I’m tired of waiting. Based on estimates, trends, and simple calculations, here follows the deal.

As a preliminary matter, I’m looking at “Non-Hispanic” Whites, or Anglo-Whites (yes, realizing that we true Anglos were diffused among others previously, though all those others transited straight from Europe without culture-altering layovers). I get the confusing breakdowns and what they may or may not mean. The Anglo-Whites best represent heritage, Posterity Americans, essentially being one and the same; if they’re not necessarily “the best,” then they’re the best stand-ins. Hereinafter, I just refer to them as “Whites,” and/or “we.” I’m also looking at the entire national picture. For anyone who wants to know, I reasonably calculate that, as of 2020, or certainly, as of today, Georgia is a majority non-White state. For those who just happen to reside in Newton County, GA, which I randomly selected, Whites only account for perhaps 40 percent of the population – down from over 70% three decades ago. The Newton situation is really easy to understand. Forever, you good people were a little extension of merry, old England. You’re now a budding little extension of merry, old Kenya, mixed in with a healthy dose of jolly, old El Salvador. You could have had more children. Could have – past tense. Enjoy your new county and state; the rest of the country is coming along right behind you.

Back to the allegation of a total White numerical decline, I originally guessed that, as in the South African case, the number of annual US expatriations would cancel the alleged 16,612 missing Whites. They do not, it’s not even close. Expat figures are fuzzy, so I’m going with the outside maximum number, approximately 5,000 per year. Over the course of the subject decade (2009-2019), that’s about 50,000. They’re not all White, but I’ll assume they are. Most departed for personal or tax reasons, none of which matter. Why? Because, thanks to corrected and expanded information, 16,612 has turned into 147,681 fewer total Whites. 

Net growth in the White population had been slowing for years. It essentially ground to a halt in 2015, with only 6,648 more births than deaths. Since then, the decline has been as follows: -77,131 in 2016, -187,396 in 2017, -231,936 in 2018, and -266,640 in 2019. We lost 763,103 Posterity Americans in four years. Imagine losing the Little Rock MSA, *poof*! If one looks carefully, one plainly sees the losses are accelerating. How many did we lose in 2020? There were only 1,839,565 White births last year. Births have been falling for years, while deaths slowly increase. The birth rate is and has been well below the replacement level for some time. Whites are no longer having enough children. Mind that all of this was in progress before the Corona Hoax started. If the existing trends hold, then we could expect to lose another 300,000 to 400,000 Whites without the added stress of hysteria generated around a biowarfare campaign. If the number happens to be -439,000, then we will be knocked back to the same population we were at two decades ago, 195,975,000. In other words, Whites have remained statistically stagnant this entire Century even as the total US population has increased by 50 million people. That accounts for the drop of the White percentage of the population from 69.1% in 2000 to less than 60% today (likely 57-59%).

Whites were around 90% of the total population seventy or eighty years ago. Over the last four to five decades, we’ve been losing an approximate average of .5% per year. That was before the negative plunge since 2015. If the pattern continues, then Whites will cease to be a majority by around 2040, possibly even by 2036. There are many unknowns in these projections. While all non-White groups continue to grow, both in terms of percentage and in absolute numbers, the growth is slowing, mainly due to decreasing non-White birth rates. Of course, non-White immigration stands by, as it has since 1965, to continue the transformation. The gigantic “X” factor just now presenting itself is how the mRNA bioweapon will change all group numbers. Should the 2017 Deagel mass die-off prediction come true (as it looks like it could), then all the foregoing is pointless rumination. However, if things continue as-is, then all of this heralds the Balkanization of the remains of the US, possibly by the end of this decade. 

The breakup has to happen for a variety of reasons, most of which are outside the scope of politics and economics (important as they are). To remain a nation, a nation-state must have a dominant majority. One hundred years ago, America was a nation, ninety-percent White, ninety-five percent Christian, and with a British-derived culture. Emanuel Celler’s evil plan worked perfectly; all harmony and homogeneity were lost. 

Rather than American culture, in a few short decades, what’s left of the country could be a free-for-all between plurality groups: Whites, White Hispanics and Mestizos, and Asians. Civil war and uncivil divorce are a given under just about any conceivable scenario. And many former and current minority groups might come to regret the changes. Blacks might do well to look at the example set in Compton, CA the last 25 years for an example of what Latino rule could look like. They might do well to look (honestly) at what has become of South Africa since the end of White dominance. Then, they might care to glance at current Chinese operations in wider Africa for an Oriental example or version of Compton on a continental scale. Or, of course, they could just keep blaming the White Western men who freed them from slavery and attempted to integrate them into the first world. “Blame the Whites” is everyone’s favorite game now. That includes blame cast by a huge portion of Whites too. And it’s much more than mere blame; there’s action behind the aspersion.

Kindly meet the sociological concept of “cultural genocide.” The Armenian Genocide Foundation (people who would know) says cultural genocide consists of  “[a]cts and measures undertaken to destroy … [it] does not only refer to the physical extermination of a national or religious group, but also its national, spiritual and cultural destruction.” CRT, White privilege, White guilt, race-based quotas, “polar bear hunts,” toppled statues, and denigration and destruction of everything. Et cetera. Some people are offended that I keep using the capital “W.” Keep all that in mind. 

While cultural genocide was theorized by the same human rights lawyer who gave us the modern concept of outright genocide, the concept has not been codified or classified like the full version. If it were, then we might expect White (Cultural) Genocide in America to currently be somewhere in Stage Nine, Extermination (of the culture), as described by Genocide Watch. There’s a decent dose of erasure at work too, a product of the tenth and final, after-the-fact stage.

As with Celler’s luciferian legislation of 1965, this pogrom was well-planned and is being relentlessly executed. But, as with everything else – the Act of ‘65 and the great replacement, the Federal Reserve, war without end, the Coronascam, all of it, really – the scheme required dual participation. The usual lying suspects set up the ideas and the usual naive idiots acted upon them. It’s much the same with the specter of full genocide.

As in SA, the case for or of a White holocaust in the US is a nebulous matter. The hallmark of any successful extermination program is whether it leads to fewer people in the targeted group. Until very recently, all fretting aside, we simply didn’t have that. Now, we do, although the extent and the reasoning behind it are still shrouded in mystery. However, I believe that if we emerge from the haze into full genocide, then we will find ourselves already at the very end of Stage Eight, Active Persecution, and just ahead of trains to the camps, so to speak. By the way, Stage Ten involves the denial that anything ever happened – “Whites? What Whites? There were never Whites in Amerika!”

*Note to Europe: Poland, et al: this could be you in sixty years; France, et al: this will be you in thirty years. The time for emergency action is right now. 

In conclusion, I present the saddest notion of this missive. Whether it’s likely to happen or already in progress, and whether it’s cultural or physical, this is (largely) an AUTO genocide. The usual idiots at work. Whites, particularly White men, allowed all of the changes the past century and more that led us to this point. It’s Whites who chose to take the opiates that kill them in droves. It’s Whites who are simply abandoning the ideas of family and children. This process has been in the cards for a long, selfish, greedy, moronic, short-sighted, wicked time. Remnants of Whites and of the other groups will survive and rebuild afterward. Here’s wishing them all the best of fortune. To the dwindling Posterity, I say well done and what wonderful, historic company you’ve kept. Give yourselves a pat on the back. You didn’t even need a dream about a cow.