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Gregory Hood builds on what I wrote Monday. His impressive column today should act as a wake-up call to the slumbering stupid masses. (It won’t, but it makes many great points). Read the whole thing.

[A new flag] would be the best symbol of the current reality. The “United States” is at war with “America” and its history. Until conservatives understand this, they won’t just be losers. They will be useful idiots for people who despise them.

We need to go much further. We need new replacement nations and countries. At least one of them can be home to White Christians, genuine American Posterity. When – when, not if – they are established, the great question will be whether we allow in all those deluded morons who actively subverted the old order and defended their own displacement. My vote is “no.”

The only fault I found in the article is at the beginning and the statement that our land was stolen from us. It’s true that various forces lobbied intently for all the changes. But the sad truth is that, even as they presented the targets, old, wicked, stupid White men and women pulled the trigger. Definitely “NO!” We do not need such damned fools in the New America(s). They can live (and die) with their new friends they thought so cool and under their new flag. We can live free.