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A Couple of Things


Life got in the way of a full column this week. No apologies. Quality will, as always, improve tomorrow. Here follows a shortlist of things to consider.

Trump will not return as President in August. Or ever.

The Corona Hoax was a US dark state biowarfare attack, aided heavily by Chinese elements. China and Iran may have been the original primary targets. However, the whole program – still unfolding with the fake vaccines – was designed to target the entire world. This is the largest crime against humanity in history. 

Your author is about 98% certain that White Genocide in the US (and much of the West) is real. In the US, over the past decade, the total number of Whites has decreased for the first time ever. As in South Africa, the number of White expatriates probably overcomes the decrease, but in the case of the US, just barely. Questions can be asked about why those people departed. There is no question that propaganda against and oppression of White People in the US has reached levels 6 – 8. If, in fact, we are experiencing a cleansing, now in the grey zone, when the matter becomes definitive, we will already be in the advanced phases of stage 8. Alternatively, we may then advance to stage 9, active elimination. The opposition is already laying the framework for stage 10 denial.

The craziest or saddest part about the immediately foregoing is that this pogrom is largely an autogenocide. The only other modern example of something like this that I am aware of is the plight of the Xhosa (or part of them) in Southern Africa 200 years ago. They committed mass suicide because a teenaged girl had a dream about a cow. Stellar precedent there, crackers…

Aliens do not exist. The next great hoax is just that.

The US government, or dark state elements within it, conducted the attacks of September 11, 2001. Operation. Northwoods. A little behind schedule, with different actors.

Tom Brady has more Super Bowls in him.

The long-term fate of Israel is now in the hands of Bennett and a loose collection of liberals and Arabs. Hopes are high, though they probably shouldn’t be. And, no, Rabbi, you are not the next rising superpower; concentrate on survival, not dominance.

2016 was the final semi-honest election in US history. The party’s over.

The Nationalist Wars of Europe will be terrible, but swift. They will successfully restore the nations. Their scope will be dwarfed by the violence in the former US. Scattered remnants of Old America will remain along with a host of new countries, many of whom will continue to war with each other. It did not have to be this way; it does now. Rock n Roll!

Entering into his fifth decade with the damned things, your author is just not a fan of computers.

Gal Gadot!

The Corona Hoax war crimes (and other war crimes) will not be formally prosecuted. However, someday they will be prosecuted. 

In Rump State America, your author would like to see and highly recommends a Venetian-style Republican Monarchy of the Christian theocratic variety.

The honest observer will marvel at how well the rest of the world gets on in the absence of a US monster roaming around smashing and looting. It’s already happening.

It is hot. It’s called summer.

Stepping away from the politico-economic nonsense explanation of everything makes everything much easier to explain. A new rhetorical answer to the idiots’ favorite anti-gun question, “what’s to stop someone from getting NuCleAr weapons?!” It’s not “money.” Any given day, it’s about twelve Marines and a chain-link fence. (Of course, we’re mostly talking about duds, so….).

Make of all that what you will. Or not. Not much of a column, but I think it’s enough for now. Next time! Maybe some fiction soon. Something.