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Go, Flemish Rambo, go!

As police continue to hunt for ex-soldier Jürgen Conings, Euro MP Tom Vandendriessche explains to RT why he’s struck a chord with unhappy voters who share his anti-establishment sentiment and are tuning into Flemish nationalism.

As the manhunt for a heavily-armed Flemish Rambo continues into its second month and with police seemingly no closer to finding the elusive former corporal, the saga has exposed Belgium’s deeply flawed political system that has left millions, just like the fugitive, feeling disaffected and ignored, and facing a democratic deficit.

Then millions should join with this man – who, I’d like to point out, is a good boy who did not do anything – and beat back the miserable elitist luciferians who have locked them down, jabbed them down, stolen their money, cursed their families, and overrun their home continent with foreign mongrel hordes.