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Is Our Enemy on the Ropes?


*The following was produced rather quickly in a stream of consciousness fashion. Hope?

While walking one recent evening, I had a fantastic thought. What if, during these trying times of seeming defeat, our wicked enemies were really the ones about to lose it all? How great would that be?

They will lose. We know that. It is mathematically certain that the dark lord of this world will be crushed, vanquished, and utterly destroyed. In relative terms, he and his servants have mere seconds left. While we wait for that determined if unrevealed time and day, we’re supposed to keep up the good fight. In doing so, might we deliver a little temporal justice to these most unjust, evil destroyers and charlatans?

They’re getting desperate. Desperate people do desperate things. And they make a lot of self-defeating mistakes.

The Great Reset, meaning more of the same luciferian evil, was all the rage, all they talked and boasted about. Then, ordinary people started noticing. Suddenly, their bold declarations became just another conspiracy theory. Yet, people kept noticing. The re-setters began to panic. Things started to come unglued.

By all available measures, the Hoax and Crime Against Humanity of 2020, the COVID War, is failing. It’s now patently obvious that bajillions of people haven’t died or even sniffled from the great plague that wasn’t. It’s obvious that this thing was a one-two punch bioweapon – modified virus first, fake vaccine poison second. The long-term effects of the poison have yet to be seen. Still, people are aware, now, of the ruse and deception. The deceivers know this. Thus, they’re either planning some next phase, or else they’re preparing for the debut of the alien invasion hoax. 

PRE-RELEASE UPDATE: The Fauci emails and the B-I-O-W-E-A-P-O-N.

Their unrestricted wars, against us and against each other, are raging out of control all around the planet. Part of their scheme was undoubtedly to overwhelm the average mind with insane disinformation and despair. Wicked minds are not exempt and it could now be that they are caught between their own hammers and anvils. Too much outrage. Too much expenditure. Too many fronts. To quote Theoden, “oft evil will shall evil mar.”

Even the dynamics of these once-hidden wars are becoming clearer. The Great Leap was a stunning failure and setback to the Pharisaical Diaspora. Hence, we see and feel their war with proud, powerful China. Rumor has it that, out of sheer desperation, they even approached Russia with a similar “nation-healing” migratory offer. That too, allegedly and seemingly, was rebuffed. Hence, the ramped-up war on Russia. China and Russia are responding accordingly – and they are winning.

For the Children of John 8:44, Israel was never an option. America, per the plan, is in smoking ruin. Europe is becoming aware, angry, and dangerous. China and Russia are closed and defensive. Where does that leave for an escape? What nation has the potential power and resources to serve as the next host? The only reasonable answer is India, but there, a host of real Jews quitely caution against the admission of the leapers. All doors appear closed or closing. 

It’s just as bad for other sects of the Illuminati. On every continent, in most sane countries, nationalism is rising with a vengeance. Even Europe, one-half of the primary, tandem target, is intact and resisting. A decade or two will see the return of the sovereign nations of and for their people and no others. The same timeframe will not be kind to the remains of America. Yet, even there, the remnant of the founding stock will carve out a new homeland(s) from the wreckage of the US. There’s even a plausible chance that the imported third-world invaders can possibly craft new versions of their old homes. Worldwide, globalism is losing, even at the height of its reach and strength. 

A great example of the reversal getting under the thin skin of the satanists just came out of the old American heartland. Fake president “Biden,” pitiful, demented puppet of the servants of the lie, gave a speech that was more a list of their fears, failures, and admissions than anything else. They hate White Christian Americans (and all others). We know that. They know we know. Still, it keeps bothering them to the point that “Biden” had to rail against “violent White extremist thugs.” Not that they ever had much in the way of alternatives, but they’re down to name-calling. 

Dusthead Joe went on to claim that “terrorism from White supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today.” You know what, Big Guy? Depending on whose stolen homeland you’re babbling about, you might be right. The first purpose of terrorism is to instill fear. Without any overt action, that part appears to have been a success. 

Given how weak and stupid our enemies are, and given how the supernatural power behind them is ever ready to stab its thralls in the back, there is a distinct opportunity for further success. Is this perhaps overly optimistic? Possibly. But they are, at least temporarily, on the ropes. Let’s put them on the canvas. 

*Note: They are really hyping the next, “extraterrestrial” hoax. Keep an eye on that one. It too is all a lie.