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The Fauci emails, at least a few of them, confirm A LOT. I’ll probably do an emergency FP Show tomorrow or Friday, a new schematic of the events, and a Suggestion of Rome Statutes Crimes to the ICC. This has a bearing on tomorrow’s column. For now, know that the whole of the Coronascam is a lie. It is a hoax, a bioweapon (modified virus and “vaccine”), and a massive war crime.

Here follows, from Dr. Bathhouse’s publically-obtained emails, HOW TO MAKE THE BIOWEAPON: this was likely replicated by an outsider (a good guy) based on leaked original information, with the results mockingly sent to the Fauci on March 11, 2020 (and Fauci obviously knew long before that and everything he’s ever told the public is a probably a calculated lie):