That’s right! The ninth anniversary of this very blog you’re reading right now is but one month away. Remember the original intro post?

Welcome to the mad ravings of Perrin Lovett!

I am proud to present my new blog. Let’s see how it develops. More to come soon!

I was proud and I still am. A LOT developed. More, much more did come. It’s been a blast and a half! But…

Yeah. The whole point of this site was and is to get across my thoughts on preserving freedom and Western Civilization. An in toto review of this past near-decade would indicate total failure regarding that point. This is not the end of the blog. Rather, this is notice that, between the ninth and tenth anniversaries, things will probably change. You’ll know it, etc. I suspect that the daily blogging will subside while the weekly columns continue, perhaps growing. And I would dearly love to concentrate more on fiction. And selling coffee.

Anyway, for now, the ride continues. As always, thanks for partaking. Happy Sunday.