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By the time you have to fret about keeping trannys out of the girls’ locker room, it’s already too late.

Republicans saw a ready-made wedge issue to rally the GOP’s base when, soon after Joe Biden took office, he moved to expand protections for transgender people, including in school sports.

The president and his Democratic allies, conservatives said, were ruining women’s athletics, and Republican lawmakers across the country advanced a raft of bills designed to keep transgender women and girls from playing on female teams.

Yet what once promised to be a galvanizing force for the Republican Party ahead of the midterm elections and 2024 has instead devolved into a source of division within the GOP, hobbling one potential presidential contender — Kristi Noem — and pitting other Republican governors against lawmakers of their own party.

Identity matters. A European and Christian America had none of these problems. And, again, consult Isaiah about what the rule of women really means. I would ask that any of my friends and associates reading this, cease asking me what I think about practical political and legal matters. I don’t. They’re dead and done. There. Spiritually, the GOP has fewer balls than the eunuchs who cast down Jezebel. Let that sink in.