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Murdering Millennial Millions


This, here, is column two of the week(!!!), as promised earlier. I ran out of steam for this one. Accordingly, I keep it a little short. I make up for that with invective satire. It’s all about why Millennials (and most everyone else) are sick and tired of the Boomers.

Nigh on three years ago, I ranked the living generations. Today, I am happy to report, my assessment is unchanged. Over the past year, here and at FP, I’ve chronicled the damage done to America and the US/USSA by short-sighted and/or wicked older generations. Still, some usual suspects refuse to get it. Recently, I linked to a wake-up call from an older Millennial. It was met by delusion and dismissal. 

Yes, by and large, those born between 1980 and 1995 were told many of the same things that previous generations were told. Go to government school. Get a degree. Get a job. Be a patriot. Save. Invest. Retire. Yes, the message was the same. However, the reality had changed drastically. By advising the children to continue what was then (now) impossible, the advice was rendered beyond useless. Worse, those older generations, that had succeeded under the old rules and in a completely different country and culture, were the same morons who changed the system, refused to acknowledge the changes, and refused to correct the mistakes. 

The Millennials (and Gen Z) have not been led, but rather, MISLED. Now that they are adults, they do bear much responsibility for where they are and where they might go. Still, their options are limited; they were limited, crushed by the same idiots who now ridicule the young for failing where and when their failure was mandated.

The ridicule and the false claim that Millennials are trying to “shift the blame” strike me as misplaced. Maligning them to the point of cursing their generation and cheering their “culling” is projection. And, hey! If you’re not part of the problem, if you did your job, then please shut up already. Don’t participate in this satanic condemnation. The Millennials are not the cursed, evil crowd.

And culling? The selfish Boomers started that decades ago. Rather than dialectically repeat the same statistics – because few appear to notice or care about them – I have some new numbers and a suggestion. 

In the natural beginning, the Millennials literally outnumbered the Boomers, about 101 million to 85 million. But, they were, almost a quarter of them, culled out of the herd. 22 million or more of these children were murdered before they were born. By. The. Damned. Baby. Boomers. 

I know you’re some of the most arrogant, never wrong people who have ever lived, so you won’t repent for this genocide. And, since you relish in the same advice, same outcome, all things equal delusion, I have a proposition. [SELF EDIT: No, I’m leaving most of that off in a spirit of … kindness]. [Just know that] all of you missed the actionable part of the Roe v. Wade era. … You Boomers and your parents gave us a society that massacred huge numbers of Gen X, Gen, Y, Gen Z, and the Alphas. …

Just keep the above in mind. When you (unjustly) criticize the Millennials, you’re only berating the ones you allowed to survive.

*I really, really toned this one down towards the end. A feelgood Friday or whatever.