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CA aims to join VA in post-American, innumerate stupidity.

Sabotage the Best

Reason concludes, and I agree “If California adopts this framework, which is currently under public review, the state will end up sabotaging its brightest students. The government should let kids opt out of math if it’s not for them. Don’t let the false idea that there’s no such thing as a gifted student herald the end of advanced math entirely.”

Instead, and in the name of “equity”, the proposed framework aims to keep everyone learning at the same dumbed down level for as long as possible.

The intention is clear. The California Board of Education intends to sabotage the best and brightest, hoping to make everyone equal.

The goal of public schools was always equality among the slaves. It’s abuse for any child and torture for the truly intelligent child. Homeschool or be sabotaged.