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What an aptly-named TeeVee show about Africans attempting to conquer Italy.

With cultural tensions heightened, the protagonists of “Zero” hope the series — which focuses on second-generation Black Italians and is based on a novel by the son of Angolan immigrants — will help accelerate public acceptance that Italy has become a multicultural nation.

“I always say that Italy is a country tied to traditions, more than racist,” said Antonio Dikele Distefano, who co-wrote the series and whose six novels, including the one on which “Zero” was based, focus on the lives of the children of immigrants to Italy.

“I am convinced that through these things — writing novels, the possibility of making a series — things can change,” he said.

Italy isn’t the USSA. What will change is that Italy will revert to being strictly Italian. Maybe the show will depict the invaders happily loading up and going home. Like the original, this Tower of Babel will not stand.