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The “Russian” Double Threat


When Amerika’s worst elder abuse case, fake president Joe Biden, isn’t guaranteeing that most Amerikans “will not pay a single penny in taxes,”  [if that’s true, then Joe’s A-OK!] then he generally has RUSSIA(!!!) on his rapidly-decaying brain. 

Last fall, when the Dark State stole the election, they roundly denied that the election was stolen. They condemned anyone who suggested otherwise, until such time as they saw fit to brag in TIME that they had, in fact, stolen it. Then, pursuant to the agenda of the last five 81 years, they shifted the blame for their actions. To … Russia.

Russia. russia. RuSSiA. RUSSIA!!!!

Yeah, I know; this is likely more a case of demonic possession than mere mental illness. It would be all on them, but for Sleepy Joe’s executive order of April 15th which widened the scope of the Revenge-of-Trotsky mania to include damned-near everyone in the USSA. Did you know that, just for reading the foregoing, you have indirectly given material assistance to Vladimir Putin and his quest to disrupt the neo-globalist reset? It’s true. Your children could have their lunch money seized as a result, you dirty criminal!

None of this, aside from the existence of a land called “Russia” and the freedom and people killing tyranny of the neocons who control DC, is real. Of course, in a fake nation, of fake Amerikans, with a fake economy, and a fake president, reality doesn’t matter. That’s Russian threat number one: in the false name of Russia, you and yours stand to lose just a little more (or all) of what little you’re still clinging to. 

All that’s required for Joe’s handlers to swoop in and rob or unperson you is another easily manufactured lie. Here, one notices that lying is what these devils do best. It would only take a joint decision by two of Kamala’s hand-picked foreign degenerates to designate you as a Russian agent. At some point, old Dusthead would need to sign something; I understand they make him work the same way trainers once coerced Mr. Ed into speaking. Wilbuur!

This being only one menace doled out by the collapsing Barad-dûr on the Potomac, it’s probably not even worth worrying about. And, again, it’s all based on a hoax. The other Russian threat isn’t. It’s real, though it really comes, as all evil does, from the Domain of Criminals.

The same neo-communist lunatics that stole your election, malign you, and generally hate you and want you dead or enslaved, also desperately want a war with Russia. Your Langley-approved MSM or Farcebook coverage may be a little soft on the subject but, lately, our true domestic enemies have been pushing the envelope all they can. Putin and Co. have, so far, been extraordinarily lenient. However, if or when it comes, Russia will stomp the living shit out of the dead USSA empire. Stomp it fast, too.

While you were masking and gasping, the Biden-Harris-Lucifer administration deftly inserted itself (and us) into Russia’s Donbas dispute with Ukraine. If the disputed region was, say, somewhere in the American Midwest, then B-H-L would have a valid interest. It isn’t. And they don’t. But, rather than leave a backyard scuffle between two kissing-cousins on the other side of the world, Captain Dementia and his Soy Wonders pushed Putin right to the brink of all-out war. Russia would have, within a day or so, completely controlled Ukraine. Poland, England, and other EU nations would have been hard-pressed to “do something.” Uncle Joe would have been happy to draft your sons and daughters into misadventure writ large. Shit, meet the fan.

Luckily, Divinely, Russia is a sane nation led by rational adults. A diplomatic stop-gap has allowed time for peaceful negotiation. Moloch being unsatisfied without an offering of blood and fat, Washington brazenly announced they would soon induct (unilaterally, if necessary) Ukraine into NATO. In other words, Kamala shoveled on a little more and turned the knob to “hi.” The Russians, long desirous of peace but tiring of constant provocation, admit to the existence of a new Cold War. The new one is worse than the old for us and of rather low consequence to Moscow. Why? Because the USSA has reached the end of its relevance. We’re simply not a worthy foe. Ask the Taliban.

Getting right to it: what would the dreaded nuclear exchange between the USSA and Russia look like? For starters (and enders) it wouldn’t be an exchange. MAD, like America, is a thing of the past. The only place assured of destruction would be that very odd nation-shaped kind of a place between Mexico and Canada. Most Russians wouldn’t even know there was a war. You would.

As-is, the USSA and Russia have roughly, respectively 6,000 and 7,000 nuclear warheads and bombs. About 7,000 of Russia’s 7,000 are operational. I would be genuinely surprised if 600 of Amerika’s 6,000 worked. 300 might be closer to the deployable truth. We’ve become another France, England, or China – except with more diversity and obesity. Count the cycle as one likes – 7, 10, or 12-years – we don’t have the tritium to keep the things going. We’re not making any either. Countdown from 12, 10, or 7, and we’ll soon host an arsenal of duds. Today, most of “our” operable nukes are sub-based. The Air Force’s bombers and ICBMs may or may not leave the ground. Even if they do, none of them matter as they are not getting through.

While the USSA empire spent itself bankrupt losing in Afghanistan, Russia quietly upgraded its S-350(+) and S-400 missile defense systems. They are the absolute best in the world. They work, including against USSA meddling – see Syria. And they are now – as of this very month – augmented by the brand new S-500 ABM system. Star Trek geeks take heart: Russia is protected by an impenetrable force field that extends hundreds of miles from her borders and even into space. It gets even better (for Russia): the 500 is most likely just a stopgap for what may be the S-600, which, for all we know, could be a literal energy shield. (No, it’s not “Morpheus.” That already works or soon will alongside the 400/500 complex).

While those defenses bat down anything we send, Russia can, if they choose, pepper us with a variety of delivery options, including air, sea, and space-based platforms. Many of these are hypersonic. Most cannot be stopped by any hardware we still have that halfway works (Patriot, etc.). The good news is, if you’ve been looking for a cause to move away from larger cities or military installations, then you have 7,000 great reasons!

Conventionally speaking, it’s the same story. Last January, MSM and Orange Idiot deflections aside, Iran out-missiled the empire in Iraq. Russia can do it, times 10, or 100. They have us beat aircraft-wise as well. For decades, the Pentagram schemed to waste as much money as possible on the dumbest aircraft since the rock. The result is the F-35 (or F U! 35). For a billion dollars, Uncle Sucker gets a plane that can barely get off the ground. It cannot fly at supersonic speeds lest it breaks apart. It cannot fly in anything other than perfect blue skies. Pilots find it difficult to control under the best conditions. The gun cannot be fired without compromising the airframe nor can it be accurately aimed. Missiles can be fired – they just cannot be guided to a target. 

It’s so worthless that a test model, stationed in Paris for IDF pickup, was left there by an Israeli pilot, who walked away saying the Hebrew equivalent of, “Fuck that!” An AAE ground crewman was then heard telling the Lockheed-Martin rep the French equivalent of, “You can’t park that piece of shit here.” It’s so worthless that the Pentagram has essentially canceled it – an unheard-of admission of that unique Pentagram brand of “success.” 

While we determined to make do with aging F-18s, or P-38s, or whatever, Russia quietly, methodically developed the dirt-cheap-by-comparison SU-57. It works. Well. It bears a strong resemblance to Clint Eastwood’s plane in Firefox, except it’s very real. 

Not all goes militarily in The Bear’s favor, however. Git yer “USA! USA!” delusion ramped up! The USSA leads the world in trendy maternity flight wear, all-sodomite combat crews, ship-wrecking CIC-bridge romantic tiffs, overweight, tattooed, AWOL gamers, and service-connected transgender reassignment surgeries and other mental health disorders. Take that, Putin!

RAND and the Pentagram know for a mathematical certainty that any war with Russia (and/or China) is a loser for the Land of the Fee and the Home of the Slave. And, by “loser,” I mean getting it handed to them, badly, as opposed to a loser with any other country (ask the Taliban), which is just a case of the can’t-wins. This knowledge makes the situation even more perilous as it drives the luciferian neo-Trotskyites even deeper into an envious rage. Their insanity could equal our deaths. Come to think of it, the real threat isn’t Russian at all. The COVID hoax and war crime are bad enough; I really hope more Amerikans see the light before giant mushrooms begin to sprout.

UPDATE: Forget defeating sovereign nations. Our all-Amerikan Mexican(?) military can’t even conquer a school bus. (Uh. Don’t forget to thank that hero for his service).