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Vox heralds the endless contraction of the (big) publishing world.

The publishing world is under ever-tightening control. An agent explains why this is going to make things worse for authors and readers alike.

By 2022, we will be down to The Big 4 – Penguin Simon & Random House, Hachette, Macmillan, and Harper Collins Houghton Mifflin Harcourt – plus a smattering of some mid-size but growing independents. And that’s it.This contraction significantly impacts writers an authors, and here’s why:

Read the whys part. Also, look at some of the comments about the Amazon Question. I’ve never signed up for Unlimited, as a reader or as an author. There’s just something fishy about it – beyond the obvious monopolization factor. In fact, at some point, I envision leaving Big A for either my own branded site backed by an on-demand outfit or else going with someone like Castalia (if they’d have me). As-is, I wouldn’t even consider wasting time with the gatekeepers of the Bigs.