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Add this to debt, immigration, etc. Read the whole thing, an excellent Biblical breakdown of the lies so many conservatives and libertarians champion.

4.1 Free trade harms family – Unrestricted trade can make you rich, but it also harms the family, because it requires free movement of people, hence family move away from each other. This lowers natural support networks, puts higher pressure on families, and incentivizes having less kids.

4.1.1 Ironically, how much money do people spend on before-school and afterschool care, day-care, babysitting, and other care, because they moved away from family to make money?

4.1.2 How many people do you know, who have worked hard to gain worldly wealth and prestige, would give it all up to have their family back? The Bible teaches us the wisdom of making what we have serve us, and God, not the other way around.

4.2 Free trade encourages a culture that worships money, because everything is a commodity, including people. The problem with this mindset is that your nation becomes willing to sell anything for financial gain, and before you know it, you have very little ability to manufacture anything, homelessness is increasing, other nations own your land, and you stand exposed before the world, with big hoards of wealth, and no way to protect them. Sound familiar?

4.2.1 This also makes people replaceable, because you only see them in economic terms, rather than as fellow countrymen. This is why so many business leaders will move their business overseas, or hire cheaper foreign labour, because their only loyalty is to money. This is not good for a nation.

Matt also correctly notes that this globalist hell on earth is much worse than Communism. That’s why Russia and the nations of Eastern Europe have successfully emerged from the shackles of the USSR and why the USSA has permanently finished off the American nation and people. Boomers in the US didn’t necessarily start this cycle, but they were the last to benefit from it and the last who could have reversed it. They didn’t. You wicked, stupid fucks can laugh all you want to about the mistakes of the Millennials, etc. – it won’t save you. I’ve had more than one Boomer tell me to my face, always with an idiotic chuckle, that they would be dead by the time things got really bad. Oops! Looks like someone miscalculated. Thanks to the destruction of families in the vain chase of material wealth, many Boomers will die alone in “care” homes overseen by third-worlders who hate them. The wages of sin…