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Roosh linked to this article which, as well as any, explains the evil wrought by the accursed Boomers, here, particularly, as to and against the Millennials.

Boomers have a perpetual teenage mentality that their parents never understood, and they raised us to be the eternal teenagers they didn’t get to be. When you’re 17, the idea of just buying cool stuff, having consequence-free sex, and binge-consuming media for the rest of your life sounds fantastic. You do not understand that when you are 40, you will not want that any more. There are tons of guys my age and younger, who wear Star Wars T-shirts, collect Marvel Funko Pops, and have gotten vasectomies, and they have no idea why they’re so miserable. There are women my age who just broke up with another live-in boyfriend of three years and have no children.   So here we are, and we’re falling apart. Our parents instilled in us a totalizing selfishness that they never got to indulge, assuring us that marriage and family “would just come” when “the time is right.” As far as they were concerned, that’s just what happens. Except it “just happened” to them because of all the social capital of previous generations that was still there for them, which they razed to the ground. Now my generation is absolutely miserable, because we’re reaching that age where your brain shifts modes from “consume and copulate” to “prepare your offspring for adulthood,” and we don’t understand that’s what is actually happening. Women of my generation have been told their entire lives that loneliness is a psychological disorder, that children are parasites, and that exhausting yourself for 40 hours a week at work is the meaning of life. It turns out that continuing to live as though you were a teenager does not in fact bequeath eternal youth. “Age is just a number” is the most insidious of all Boomer proverbs.

Read the whole thing. I’ve written before that my generation was the very last to witness some semblance of America before the Boomers destroyed it. We were the first generation thrust into the new, satanic experiment before it became the new status quo system. The Millennials were the first to grow up fully immersed in that new, evil system. Now they are waking up and realizing exactly how they have been abused and robbed. I pray there is still hope for them along with the Zoomers and the Alphas. Some good news: over 27% of Boomers have relieved us of their wicked stupidity!