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Watch out, fake president and war criminal “Biden!” The GOP has dusted off the bestest rhetoric in their arsenal!

After President Joe Biden lays out his ambitions to reshape the U.S. economy and address racial injustice on Wednesday, Republican Senator Tim Scott will argue that the Democratic agenda amounts to “Washington schemes” and “socialist dreams.”

A rising star in his party and the sole Black Republican in the Senate, Scott has promised to deliver an “honest conversation” and an “optimistic and hopeful message” in his own nationally televised remarks.

“Our best future won’t come from Washington schemes or socialist dreams. It will come from you — the American people,” Scott said in experts of his speech released ahead of delivery.

Bam! That settles it: no luciferian can withstand being called a socialist. The republic is saved! Tough, tough, empty, idiotic words – that “Biden” will completely ignore. Now, I expect the LP to deliver a response along the lines of “let’s make weed legal, maaaan…”