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They, the satanists, of course, hate God, hate Jesus, hate the Holy Spirit, and hate anyone who loves the same. They hate nationalism because the nations are God’s natural order for people organization. Combine all of this and you get the intense hatred of Christian Nationalists. They fear us – with good reason. So they tell lies, which is all they really have in their sad nature. CBS spins up a few, but they are as transparent as luciferianly possible. The first of their “experts:”

A Bible sits on Pastor Ken Peters’ desk, its cover graced with an American flag and inscribed with the words “FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.” His church has an American flag painted across its roof.

“I believe we are the greatest country next to Israel. I got to give God Israel as His chosen people in the Old Testament,” he told CBSN Originals. “But we’ve proven it, America’s the greatest country that’s ever existed in the history of the world, and it’s because of Judeo-Christian values.”

Peters said he wants the country to have “Christian principles and Christian laws and Christian ways,” a stance that Christian nationalists, who believe Christianity should have dominant influence on American life and politics, would agree with.

However, Peters rejects the label — though he added that he does consider himself a nationalist as opposed to a globalist.

“I think [Christian nationalist] has a connotation of some sort of racist, or I think America is better than every other country. I hate that term,” he said. “I do believe America is special. I believe she’s beautiful. I believe her roots are great. … So I will never say that I’m a Christian nationalist, but I will say I’m a Christian that loves America.”

The other two “pastors” are just as retarded, confused, and deceitful.

Yes, to explain what Christian Nationalism is, only source to people who are neither Christian nor nationalist.

The article’s title gives much away: Is America a Christian nation? Pastors at odds about fusion of faith and politics

The answer is that America was a Christian nation and, to the extent the American nation still exists, it is still Christian. The United States is neither Christian nor a nation. This is the common, stupid confusion of the nation (politics) with the state (people).

Peters is, by his own admission, not a Christian. He is a “Judeo-Christian” heretic who worships Israel, Zionism, the GOP, and Donald Trump. He may genuinely share some common beliefs with Christians but his theology is directly opposed to the explicit words of Almighty God, Jesus Christ, Saint Paul, the Jews in the Bible, and the modern Talmudic Rabbinate. And, since he’s afraid of being called bad names by people who hate him, America, and Lord Jesus, he refuses to identify as an American Christian Nationalist. Worst of all, he misleads his Flock with his blasphemy and false patriotism.

The great news is that this charade is very easy to see through if one only looks at it through faith and clear-minded logic. The greatest news is that these pitiful liars cannot win.