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The hard right is not freely allowed on Faceberg, regardless of what the fake news says.

In the months before and after the 2020 election, far-right pages that are known to spread misinformation consistently garnered more engagement on Facebook than any other partisan news, according to a New York University study published Wednesday.

Their findings provide yet another data point to counter conservative claims that they’re being more aggressively censored than liberals. The researchers found that not only did far-right misinformation outperform every other ideological category, but far-right news in general also drew far more engagement per follower than any other category. Far-left news came in close behind, suggesting that the more extreme a news source’s partisan slant is on Facebook, the more engagement it gets. Centrist news received by far the least engagement per follower during those months.

First, this is utter nonsense. I, through PPN and FP, know that Zuck will not tolerate real right information. Conservatives, fake right Prometheans, and paid idiot shills are not of the right anyway. Second, no one on the legitimate right has any business being on FB or any other mainstream anti-social at all. Fact check: bullshit.

BTW, did the “righties” on FB report this?

Now, will the league speak out about the Chinese court ruling that states referring to homosexuality as a mental disorder is a-OK? Will it pull preseason games out of China, stop accepting money from Chinese merchandise sales, vehemently speak out about the communist nation’s decision to promote materials that are clearly anti-LGBT?

The point is not the hypocrisy. The point is that the Chinese response demonstrates it was never necessary to surrender to the neoclowns and SJWs. Unfortunately, the prosperity-weakened Christians of the West lacked the spine and the intelligence to defend their ideals, their nations, or their faith, and succumbed to lies about free speech, equality, posterity, and civic nationalism.

Which is why the 21st Century is much more likely to belong to the East than to the West.

Of course, not. Most conservatives wouldn’t even know what Vox is writing about. If you’re of the right and stil on FB, then you’re getting the misinformation and mistreatment you deserve.