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Ever since I first listened to him speak (to and for his people), I have always liked Louis Farrakhan. He’s got an honesty factor a mile-wide. And, he’s alarming accurate with societal issues sometimes. Like this one:

Louis Farrakhan, the influential leader of the Nation of Islam, continued his crusade against the coronavirus vaccines over the weekend, calling the vaccine a “vial of death” during remarks at the extremist group’s convention, where other speakers falsely claimed that the vaccines have caused more than 900 deaths.

Let’s not be too hard on him for the numbers – yeah, I just read it was 4,000 deaths – his heart and brain are in the right place. And, as for the good man, he has repeatedly stated that he does not hate us, it’s just that a lot of us annoy him. We end up annoying me too. Especially when our stupid people, in the wrong places, do the dumbest things imaginable. Like this idiocy, in the wrongest place of all, NY:

With the limited resumption of sporting events at venues in New York, Madison Square Garden and the Barclays Center will be used as testing grounds for a new digital pass that could confirm the owner’s COVID status. It will confirm an individual’s vaccination or recent negative coronavirus test.

First tested at the Brooklyn Nets game at Barclays Center on Feb. 27, the Excelsior Pass created with IBM, was tested for a second time during the New York Rangers game on Tuesday at Madison Square Garden.

Your papers, please, citizen! JK, they won’t say “please,” and you’re more a serf than a citizen.