To Father Day:

So, here’s the punchline. In my opinion the worst mortal sin of all the many shortcomings and transgressions of my g-g-generation, is their parenting. We are now seeing the grandchildren born of the children raised by my generation. There are MANY young folks who despite the downward flow of inter-generational excrement have matured into responsible citizens. That having been stipulated, there is a great mass of poor wretches who bear the burden of two generations of varying degrees of pathetic, apathetic and/or downright pernicious parenting.

They may not be entirely blameless; however, many have become vicious, confused, illiterate, innumerate, sexually perverted morons. They are the victims of varying degrees of child-abuse at the hands of the generation of vipers or their sons and daughters. If a dog bites because he has been beaten by a sadist, how can we blame the dog? For this sin alone the Boomers doom is foretold and is unavoidable. To paraphrase my Lord and Savior, “woe unto he who leads the young ones away from the light”. Of all the punishments that the Boomers so richly deserve, this will be the harshest by far. Truly, it will have been better for them that they were never born.

Okay, Boomer, you pass. Sin no more.