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I am not alone … in believing that “Mars attacks” will be the next, perhaps final bullshit hoax foisted upon the poor minds and lost souls of our post-modern world. However, just as others are beginning to come around to the idea, they are also falling for the propaganda even before it starts. Michael Snyder is a good fellow who means well. But, he does not grasp exactly what we’re (going to be) up against:

Obviously the entities that are operating these craft are highly advanced, and they appear to have technology that we do not currently have.

But are they friend or foe?

Statements that were recently made by someone that was a top official in Israel’s space program for 30 years have sparked a lot of speculation…

Israel. Space program. Rapturology. We don’t even need to read the statements.

If Haim Eshed is to be believed [HE IS NOT], the “aliens” are already here and the U.S. is already cooperating with them.

That makes it sound like we don’t have anything to be concerned about.

But other experts have come to a completely different conclusion.

Temple University history professor David Jacobs has been studying the alien abduction phenomenon for decades, and he believes that these “aliens” have a deeply malevolent agenda…

Replace the quotes with echoes and we might have the right malevolent aliens.

The truth is out there, but as far as UFOs are concerned, most people are going to continue to believe whatever it is that they want to believe.

Yes, they are. Here’s what I believe: There are no little green men out there anywhere. They do not exist and therefore pose no threat. If you encounter what appears to be an alien, then it’s likely a demon or a hoax. This is, however, being set up magnificently. And I think the majority of people are just stupid enough to fall for whatever the luciferians are planning.

Here’s a random guess of how it will play out. The satanists are going to nuke a city. Then they will flood the news with constant images and videos – all fake – of the UFOs. They’ll blame Marvin the Martian for the nuked city. They’ll tell the 99% that the aliens are here to kill us all and the only way to save ourselves is for the 99% to kill themselves. And people will start doing it. In fact, just as they get angry when I refuse to wear a face diaper, they will be indignant when I tell them suicide is a sin and there are no aliens. For my part, I am openly declaring my “crazy conspiracy theory” here and now. (In fact, I’ve been doing so for about a year).

If this comes to pass, then it will be BAD. While I might appreciate the great lessening of traffic on my roads, I will feel an overwhelming urge to avenge the fallen. I will, in the absence of all other people, commandeer the entire available cigar stock.

Please do not fall for this insane bullshit. Stop falling for the existing war on the world too.