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Your digital dollars will be in good hands, trust me. The banksters can’t even secure their own fiat funds line.

The US Federal Reserve announced Wednesday it is investigating a disruption to services including Fedwire, which facilitates trillions of dollars in wire transfers between institutions every day.

According to updates from the Federal Reserve, the massive disruption to services was caused by an “operational error”.

“We acknowledge that payment deadlines are impacted and will communicate remediation efforts to our customers when available. Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve the issue,” the institution said in an update on the situation.

As of 2.30pm Eastern Time Wednesday, almost all services – including Fedwire and FedACH, which allow numerous banks to transfer and receive billions in funds – were down, but several have since been restored.

You know if they’re announcing this little tidbit, then the real situation is much worse. A flip of a switch and “your” “money” will be gone – forever.