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If you ever had a serious termite infestation, then the exterminator may opt to encase your house in a giant, sealed tent. This allows for thorough poisoning and extermination of the bugs. Now, in this deeply evil excuse of a country, the public extermination camps “schools” have found a way to do the same insidious thing to your children.

A student band at a high school in Wenatchee, Washington was made to practice inside small, enclosed tents. Some ridiculed this protective measure against Covid-19 amid the reopening of schools across the US.

The Wenatchee High School children have been back at school since January 26, however with strict coronavirus measures in place.

Photos posted on Wednesday by local newspaper Wenatchee World showed the young musicians awkwardly confined to their small, green, socially-distanced tents as they tried to play their instruments, prompting many to ridicule the situation.

Look at the picture of the kid with the tuba!

This can only be described as child abuse – it’s so bad it’s almost funny. Of course, some defend the evil:

“I applaud their efforts of maintaining their standards while still trying to adhere to safety. While it may look ridiculous, these kids wouldn’t do it if they didn’t want to,” reacted one user.

It does not look ridiculous. It looks satanic. The people who came up with the idea should be locked in the tents and given the old bug treatment. The kids, conditioned since they were five years old, will do almost anything they’re told. So will hordes of adult idiots – you may have noticed some general stepping and fetching over the late hoax. Intelligent, faithful people! Get your children as far away from this evil as possible. Homeschool or be the termites.