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I’ve come to accept that the average USian is stupid and faithless. Still, I cannot fathom why even near-clinical retards are still on Faceberg. How on Earth can people willingly submit to a tyrannical corporation that hates them and wants to control everything they do, see, and say?

Facebook Inc. will begin labeling some user posts that mention climate change in the same way it has annotated posts discussing elections and Covid-19, a sign the social network is taking climate-related misinformation more seriously.

The labels will direct users to Facebook’s Climate Science Information Center — an existing hub that includes related news articles, climate change data and recommendations for Pages to follow. The new labels will be added to some posts about climate change, regardless of their accuracy, a strategy Facebook has used with other widely discussed topics as a way to fight falsehoods.

This almost makes sense, directing those who can barely think at all towards what lies they should think – if that’s even possible. Idiots in Australia are, at present, exempt as FB has blacked out the site in an attempt to evade the law. The Australian government should return the favor.

If you’re still on FB, for whatever reason, then you deserve everything you get from them.