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Another moron apologizes for nothing in a vain attempt to keep from being called bad names by people who already hate him.

Luke Combs has issued an apology for past use of the Confederate flag in his performances.

Followers on social media pointed out that when the country star appeared in the music video for Ryan Upchurch’s “Can I Get a Outlaw” in 2015, he was in front of a Confederate flag. He was also using an acoustic guitar that had a Confederate flag sticker on it.

Not to worry! He’s already bowed, said, “so sorry,” and presumably burned his “Confederate flag” sticker. I’m sure his record sales will soar and he’ll be invited on Reeeeeeee Haw any day now. Maybe he can make a soundtrack for one of Little Benny’s edgy, subversive, anti-American movies!

The great news for me is that this was the first time – and hopefully the last – that I had ever heard of this wimp.