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Well, what do you know? The homogenous American people of 1970 were much more trusting of each other than the assorted Tower of Babel 2.0 USians of 2020. Even the WSJ notices now, even as they can’t find the plain answer.

But as trust theorists have dug deeper, they’ve found that this negative effect is largely correlated not with diversity itself but with segregation. When ethnic groups are concentrated in small geographical areas and have little contact with one another, distrust is high; with greater contact, the effect shrinks. And while ethnic diversity has increased in the U.S. considerably since 1980—around a 50% increase as measured by the National Equity Atlas Diversity Index—ethnic segregation has decreased somewhat.

So, it’s not diversity, it’s just the natural product of diversity? Bullshit. The cartoon picture in the article says it all. Different peoples are not the same, obviously, and they obviously resort to skepticism when dealing with others. And politics has almost nothing to do with it, nor economics; all we have now are “others.”

The America of 1970, already just beginning to feel the horrible effects of 1965, was still about 85% White European – down from about 90% twenty years earlier. Now, where are we? 58%? Whatever it is, it’s falling towards just another plurality in a sea of incompatibility from every corner of the globe. This was the plan and it worked perfectly, causing the destruction of the American Nation. We can trust that the intentions of its authors were utterly evil.