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No, this is no longer “America.” As I&I notices, that has been gone for some time.

What is the United States of America? A society of elitists vs. the rest? A culture that’s given up on itself? A land of censorship? A nation in which policies and orientation are not merely matters of disagreement but causes of internal and irreconcilable turmoil? It was supposed to be none of these. But today it seems a foreign place, with more in common with the many dystopias of literature than anything the founders of a free nation ever imagined.

We’ve been hearing and reading that despite the election’s outcome, Trumpism will continue, and that the American spirit hasn’t fully wilted. We hope this is true, and the down-ballot results seem to confirm it. But it’s undeniable that much of the country is pulling in the other direction. Regarding that, we offer only one suggestion: Resist.

Though the editors confuse the nation with the state, they’re right – the USA is all of the things they question. That is because the American nation has been dissolved and diluted by non-Americans. The best way to resist it to acknowledge reality and history and prepare to rebuild something, somewhere that resembles America – a place for the Americans. The rest of them may have their dystopias.