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“Vaccination” Recommendations

AP President-select Joe Biden famously declared, “I trust vaccines. I trust science.” He also keeps saying something about a 2001 CSIS simulation project at Andrews Air Force Base, but any of it could be the dotage speaking. At any rate, I am happy as a clam for old Joe, because Moderna, Pfizer, and maybe some other liability-immune transnational dope dealers have a “vaccine!” It’s all over the news, really, and it must be very important. Hence, I suggest the following very important people take the “vaccine” before any of the rest of the not-so-important people:

  • Joe Biden (naturally);
  • Kamala Harris;
  • Anyone else who lives with a D or an R behind his name;
  • Gina Haspel (Hey! Has anyone seen her lately?);
  • The heads and senior bureaucrats of all government agencies, state and federal;
  • Everyone at the Federal Reserve;
  • All executives and board members of all commercial banks;
  • Anyone else associated with promoting, creating, or profiting from usury;
  • The “the stock market is the economy” cult;
  • Anyone who thinks a corporation is a private entity;
  • The Hollywood values crowd;
  • The AP and the rest of the mainstream media;
  • The Big Tech titans;
  • All (((nation healers)));
  • Tony Fauci;
  • Bill and Melina Gates;
  • George Soros;
  • The rest of the globalist NWO brigade;
  • Everyone associated with Drag Queen Story Hour;
  • All other pedophiles;
  • GDP-saving “refugees” and post-1965, better-Americans-than-you types;
  • Pro-choicers;
  • Educrats;
  • Those who insist school children wear masks;
  • Those who insist children attend public “schools;”
  • Those who insist that others take the “vaccine;” and,
  • Antifa, BLM, and some other ideologies.

I’ll stop there. In the interests of avoiding the appearance of eugenic advocacy, I’ll just recommend that anyone stupid enough or foolish enough to want the “vaccine” take it. However, if you have any doubts, please consider the following.

Why is a “vaccine” needed for an obvious hoax, unleashed by the usual suspects for typical reasons? A hoax that was planned and prepared for before it emerged?

How is a “vaccine” developed for a hoax item that has never been seen, isolated, microscoped, or sequenced? For a hoax that is an obvious re-labeling of existing illnesses and which, independently, is statistically insignificant and harmless? For a hoax propelled during a year of predicted declining overall deaths?

How could a “vaccine” be developed so quickly given that other, real vaccines take decades to create? What happened to years of FDA testing? Why is a leading microbiologist warning the “vaccine” is dangerous? Why did the CDC, which has not isolated or sequenced the underlying hoax, develop a 75-page plan for implementing and tracking the “vaccine” before it was even announced?

Who, besides Joe Biden, trusts a “vaccine” allegedly developed under the guise of a program named after a hokey TV show? Who, besides Joe Biden, trusts a “vaccine” from people with a depopulation agenda and an agenda to control the survivors, and who have previously engaged in Frankenstein medical experiments? Why do the proposed front-line “most at risk” recipients look a lot like those the globos consider undesirable?

Why are the makers of this “vaccine” endowed with total immunity for any and all liability? What about side effects? What about post-”vaccination” supercharging caused by wild hoax encounters? Why are the international dope dealers readily admitting to placenta inhibition and potential infertility? Why is Pfizer’s chairman saying the “vaccine” might not slow hoax transmission?

Who in his right mind trusts the same liars who have lied about everything forever? And, since they have blanket immunity, will the international drug dealers kindly release their internal discussions and communications about the “vaccine” in advance? (“No!” is the answer there).

These questions and others might be worth pondering before one rolls up the sleeve. Until the foregoing persons and groups are “vaccinated” and survive (fingers crossed, right?) and until the underlying hoax is proven to exist, I recommend the following people NOT be “vaccinated:”

  • Women;
  • Children;
  • Men;
  • Christians;
  • Westerners; and,
  • Normies, the good, true, and decent among us.

Now, in the extreme scenario that some seek to forcibly mandate the “vaccine” for the masses, either via the government or corporate coercion, I have a counter plan. I have discovered an injectable vaccine for the “vaccine” demanders! I think .30-06 FMJs should be sufficient to cure this plague. We’re all in this together … against them. We can and will defeat this most visible enemy. And we can and will have a better 2021. Well, some of us. More on that sooner than later. Back to the real normal!