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France, as presently incarnated, certainly isn’t Hungary or Turkey, two unabashedly nationalistic nations, one Christian, one Muslim. A big lie!

“It’s a big lie. We are not Hungary or Turkey,” he added, hours after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had called Macron “trouble” and urged the French to “get rid” of him as soon as possible.

Some commentaries in English-language media have accused Macron of targeting all Muslims following a spate of attacks in the last weeks blamed on radical Islamists.

But Macron insisted he was not singling out Muslims, rather simply defending the country’s secular system.

“France has no problem with Islam… we are a country that has always had a dialogue.”

Bur he emphasised: “We founded our Republic on the separation of politics and religion.”

They would do very well to return to being a definitive Catholic nation and dispense with the “dialogue.”