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The suggestion of an unbelievably stupid query:

Trump was ‘talked out of’ launching a strike on Iran in punishment for ‘hiding its nuclear weapons program’ last week after his top advisers warned it could trigger a war – but he is ‘still mulling options to punish Tehran’
President Trump asked senior advisers about taking action against Iran’s main nuclear site at a meeting last Thursday, the New York Times reported Monday
Four current and former US officials said Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were among those present at the meeting
The meeting took place a day after international inspectors informed UN members that Iran had significantly increased its stockpile of nuclear material
Trump’s advisers talked him out of launching a strike by warning that such action could trigger a wider conflict with Iran, weeks before Joe Biden takes power
The strike likely would have targeted Iran’s main nuclear site, Natanz

This does and does not fit Trump’s pattern. On the one hand, he’s known to explore all options – even the insanely terrible ones. On the other, he’s shown tremendous restraint and done an outstanding job of curbing the neocons. Let’s hope the second pattern holds sway in this case.