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Unlike around here, over at the FP YT channel, we highly value user input (and we also battle a few spammers and trolls). Anyway, if you’re interested – and you should be – here’s where to participate:

PREPPER POST NEWS, Freedom Prepper

A few loose rules:



Going forward, at the beginning of each video-podcast episode of Prepper Post News (Monday through Friday), Perrin will introduce an important topic. Following the introductory presentation, we ask that you, our beloved readers, treat the comments section under the YouTube video (embedded above for today) as a discussion forum.

Tell us what you think! A few house rules: 1) feel free to be for, against, or neutral concerning the topic; 2) tell us as much or as little as you like; 3) try to keep the comments relatively on-topic; 4) keep it nice, please (no attacking each other), and; 5) no spam, please – we can do without the illegal sneakers and so forth.

Watcha think?