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My argument as well as to the public “schools,” especially in Detroit. COVID closes the “schools” again – is there anything the little wonder bug can’t do?

Detroit Public Schools are halting in-person learning through at least Jan. 11, as COVID-19 continues to spread in the community.

“All classes will be held online starting Monday, November 16 due to the rapid increase in the COVID-19 infection rate in Detroit,” the district said in an announcement. “Face-to-face learning and learning centers will remain open this Thursday and Friday to provide families time to rearrange educational support for students.”

Detroit was one of many districts that chose to return students to classrooms this fall while many other districts adopted an online-only approach. The schools gave parents the option of online or face-to-face learning.

Critics of Detroit’s decision, including a group within the Detroit Federation of Teachers, have argued that it was unsafe to return.

A minor correction: technically, the face-to-face learning ceases in Detriot years ago. (Those truly intelligent students surely learned on their own while hiding their faces as much as possible). Coupling what we know about the UK study on Corona regression, especially in a place like Detroit, and what I’ve previously noted about their “performance,” it may be possible that for this school year DPS will post NEGATIVE marks across the board. I assume that might mean that children outside of Wayne County may see their education and intelligence dip a little due to the proximity of this academic black hole.

Given the astronomical sums spent per student per year by the DPS, they could afford to pay the Federated Safety Loafers to stay home, stay quiet, and stay out of sight – while purchasing effective homeschooling for all the students who would have it. I’m confident they will reach that conclusion by January 11 … of maybe 2159.