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Vox Day was right (again) waaaaay ahead of the curve. The “fall” of FAUX News:

Fox News is the enemy

 All Deep State assets have been activated:

Fox News has given a directive to their daytime hosts to not have anyone from the Trump campaign or the White House legal team on. They have been told to not entertain or discuss any allegations of voter fraud and to keep reassuring the public that Joe Biden is the President Elect.

There has been a complete insurrection at Fox News and there are talks among the Murdoch run management of terminating the Pro-Trump hosts.

Judge Jeanine’s show was suspended a few days ago because she wanted to talk about voter fraud.

This is absolutely no surprise to me. I’ve known fox was on the other side since 2004, when my book contract for Media Whores, a book I was literally paid not to write, was cancelled after the publishing house executives took it to Fox News to get their approval of the content, which approval was not forthcoming. And that was 16 years ago, which is why I turned down interview requests by Hannity & Colmes back in 2005 and why you have never seen me make any references to watching anything on Fox News.

The comments at VP naturally turned to Tucker. I’ve been wondering how he has survived this long. It’s now just another channel. Watch at your own risk.