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Sometimes one wonders if “they” are just trolling us for fun. Marianne Williamson comments on the “soulless” nation of Amerika. I suppose that a Russian Jew turned gospel of prosperity “preacher” turned politi-critter turned pundit might know, as she reveals in this interview with – not making this up – one Krystal Ball. She talks through her crystal ball…

“From a spiritual perspective, in the East they call it karma and in the West they call it cause and effect,” she said. “In a very real way, what’s surprising is that things didn’t get off the rails sooner.”

Williamson told Hill.TV co-host Krystal Ball that the degradation of American society did not begin with President Trump, but has been building over the past few decades.

“Let’s be very clear, things have been off the rails for millions and millions of people in the United States based on bad public policy. Things have been off the rails for millions and millions of people around the world due to American foreign policy,” she said.

“We moved into an ethos, a soulless ethos, with no sense of ethical or moral consideration for Earth or its inhabitants and we made a short-term bottom line for corporate entities,” she added.

Yadda, yadda, get the fascist out of the White House. It does not get any better. Last year, when this light-bringing woman reemerged on the national stage, I thought I remembered her. I did and now I remember why. Decades ago, I read her book of “prayers,” Illuminata. If the title wasn’t off-putting enough, the contents were. While masquerading as a nep-Christian title, the book is a collection of the oddest prayers one might offer, some suited better, I suppose, for the god of this world than the One above it. I tossed it, what, twenty years ago? But, I recall there was a deep, mourning, wailing prayer for the White folks to offer down to Moloch for all the horrible things done to the African-American – the book coming out between the Civil Rights Act and the election of BHO and all. There were more like that. Misguided people read and prayed them. Yes, soulless then as now.