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It’s becoming so common one can just change the dates and the cities and have a close enough version of the full story.

At least two people have been killed and 15 others injured in six gun attacks and a reported ‘suicide bomb explosion’ near a synagogue in Vienna on the city’s final night before coronavirus lockdown.

A huge manhunt is currently underway for multiple attackers armed with rifles following the horrific shootings, with the first near the synagogue reported at 8pm local time.

One attacker is thought to have ‘blown themselves up’ during the rampage with another arrested and one shot dead by police. A police officer is also thought to have been shot and seriously injured. Vienna mayor Michael Ludwig said 15 people were admitted to hospital, seven with serious injuries.

The rampage comes on the last evening before Austria goes into lockdown, with bars and restaurants in the country closed from midnight tonight and people flocking to enjoy one last night of freedom.

Shocking footage showing a man carrying an assault rifle and sprinting through the streets of Vienna and firing off shots was shared on social media, shortly after reports of the attack. More distressing footage appears to show the moment a man is shot by an attacker.

Interior Minister Karl Nehammer told Austrian broadcaster ORF: ‘It appears to have been a terror attack.’

He added that the perpetrators are on the loose and ‘heavily armed and dangerous’ and the army had been asked to guard key locations in the city to allow police officers to pursue the attackers

Of course, Johnson, Macron, and the rest say they are “shocked,” and that “we will concede nothing.” How this scenario playing out for what, the 500th time, could shock anyone is beyond me. And, too much has been conceded already. You’re in a damned war. Fight like it and win!