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The AJC ran a collection of statements from some not-Americans and some CivNats about why they vote. The only one who gets a pass is the nine-year-old girl, shamelessly included for Lord knows what reason. Here’s one:

“The ethics of Islam bridge faith and society. As Muslims, our faith encourages us to be fully engaged in both the spiritual and worldly matters. Islam demands an elimination of inequities in society, and, therefore, one has to be educated to determine the nature of leadership that would seek to accomplish this. Merit and competence are recognized as essential criteria for leadership. Hence, the ability to exercise my right to vote is a sacred one – one that gives me the ability to strengthen our democracy.”

-Behnoosh Momin

Ourselves and our Posterity…

If you vote, then I wish you well! I really do.

Here are some of the reasons why I do not vote: 1) It’s over. The American nation is dissolved and the US Empire is collapsing; 2) Carlin; 3) My last vote DID NOT COUNT. They don’t get another chance to rob me, and; 4) I do not support evil, the lesser of the greater. Since RP, 12 there hasn’t been a single candidate who remotely represented me. We’ve reached the point where we either buy a few more years or we accelerate. The great news is that it’s one day and one year closer to rebuilding. I vote for that.