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Hello, and happy November.

On Friday afternoon, I received a communique from Freedom Prepper high command. For unspecified TOS violations, Facebook issued a temporary (two-month!) restriction on “complex entities interactions” by FP’s hierarchy. This may have a moderate impact on material promotion. I’m going on three years of Facebergbook sobriety and I couldn’t be happier, though this was a crystal-clear reminder as to why I left and why I’m so happy about it. It also came the same week that an FP daily news video was inexplicably banned by YouTube.

Again, I am not on Facebook so I don’t know what, exactly, goes on there beyond spying, pitiful sales conversion, and low-IQ idiocy. Earlier this year, I removed the ability to link directly from this site to Facebook, along with a few other limitations which were received with minor reader protestation. It appears I made the right call. Accordingly, I want to do it again, even if that means a minor reduction in traffic (which is okay, because again, pitiful [nonexistent] sales conversion).

As many of you know or suspect, I am not an agent of the Empire nor a member of the worshipful bankster class. As such, I think protection under 18 USC §§ 1030, 2319, et seq, is essentially off-limits to me – not that I really want or need it. Here’s what I can do: I can tell those of you who care about it.  I had toyed with the idea of requesting that no one post any material from this website to Facebook at any time or for any reason. Of course, I have no way to enforce that, so there we are. Not that it really matters.

As I will explain on tomorrow morning’s FP newscast (barring further censorship), I get why some are still (quasi-justifiably) on Farcebook. Enjoy yourselves if that’s possible, just know that Zuck and friends are not your friends.

Thank You,


PS: We did it! October was the heaviest, best month at the old blog in two and a half years. Thanks.