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Grades, you know, used to measure a student’s understanding of the material. No longer.

Instead of grading a student based on an average of quizzes, homework assignments and tests, grades will be given depending on how well they understand the material.

The San Diego Unified School District is changing the way students are graded after it was revealed minorities get worse grades compared to white students.

The board approved the new grading policy last week. It’s something it has discussed for years, but following George Floyd’s murder, it revisited the issue during a workshop in July.

“If we want to be an anti-racist school district, we’ve got to confront those issues,” said Board Vice President Richard Barrera.

Flim star Big Floyd’s “murder” is a great place to discredit the idiots behind this terminal decline in what already amounts to utterly debased education. This, of course, from a district that recently accepted an award from a hate organization founded to honor the memory of a child murderer (not Big Floyd’s “murder,” a real one).

While “Bell Curve” is a great response to this nonsense, there’s really no point. There’s no place for hate of our children, thus no place for them in these failed institutions. Homeschool.

Uh, brief commentary about private Christian schools tomorrow.