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The new civil war ramble accumulated more likes and comments than any other FP video. And it was the “b” take.

Also now available a Suckerberg’s spy site:

Anyway, thank you to the commenters. I’ll have to answer a few, directly. Here’s a little of it:

  • “Hey the best thing we can also do is prep for whatever scenario you see coming! It could mean life or death!”

About all you can do.

  • “Is there any way that you would share what you just had confirmed about that story this year? I live in ground zero, where it began and I know it’s not at all what it seems to the rioters or what people are being told. People tell me to move, but I can’t yet. I have been preparing slowly, with the little space that I have. I will try to purchase used books you recommended. I am a slow reader and struggle with the written word, so I really appreciate your videos. People around me think I am crazy for suggesting they prepare for worst case scenarios, but it’s so obvious to me, that something has to give and that’s just putting it mildly. God Bless You.”

Why would intel agencies normally concerned with terrorism be so interested in a certain low-budget movie “star” and his associates? Thank you for the blessing!

  • “I am glad I clicked on this video so I could see and hear a real person.
    Thank you.”

A REAL PERSON! Best compliment I’ve had in a year!

  • “Such an excellent message full of truth.”

Thanks. The first take (that didn’t make it) was, I thought, a little better, clearer. Quality will improve tomorrow.

  • “You are spot on brother. God bless you.”

I’ll take it. Thanks.

And, this means I will have to expand upon the concept and series. Work to do.